Himangan Sähkö ja Automaatio (HSA)

“Over the years, we have worked in various settings and been involved in many great projects, each of which is different, and we really enjoy the varied challenges they bring. Satisfied customers are a sign that we have done a good job,” says Taneli Mäkitalo from HSA with a smile.

The broad knowledge in the Industrial Park`s processes held by fellow entrepreneur, Mika Kyösti, ensures seamless service for the industrial operators.

“I worked at Kokkola Industrial Park for almost twenty years before starting up my own business. I know the Industrial Park like the back of my hand, and I know the needs of the large-scale industries,” says Mika Kyösti.

Founded in 2014 

HSA was founded in 2014 when the two entrepreneurs, Mika Kyösti and Taneli Mäkitalo, merged their electrical and automation expertise into one business. The result was a company that serves customers across the country, but with its main customer base located in the Northern, Central and Southern Ostrobothnia regions.

The company has customers in both the private and public sectors. Quality work, extensive expertise and good customer service have ensured a steady flow of customers. The number of staff has grown over the years from two to six, and this trend looks set to continue. The company carries out both large and small electrical and automation projects efficiently and with flexible service.

Himangas Sähkö ja Automaatio